Quartz Worktops


Quartz is the second most abundant mineral in the Earth's continental crust, after feldspar. There are many different varieties of quartz, several of which are semi-precious gemstones.

Although the quartz is composed mainly of all-natural quartz crystals, it is engineered to produce a final product that changes in appearance, consistency and colour depending on the resins, as well as, other components which are combined with the quartz.

The worktops can therefore be produced in different colours and textures and special effects are achieved through the use of additives such as pieces of mirror, glass, seashell, brass rasping and basalt which provide a totally different and distinctive look.

Water absorption is extremely low which makes the worktops highly resistant to the effects of acids and alkalis and they are unaffected by substances such as olive oil, wine, vinegar, lemon and detergent that are harmful to other kinds of surfaces.

Gloss, Suede, Glace and Leathered finishes do not require additional polishing.

Whilst every effort has been made to represent the material, there may be slight variations in colour or markings.

We offer a full range of Quartz from several suppliers including:


Caring for a Quartz Worktop

When it comes to care and maintenance of quartz worktops, the dos are easy and straightforward: Wipe clean with a damp cloth. Use a mild nonabrasive detergent soap for deep cleaning. A chamois leather, or suction window cleaner if you have one, can be used to remove any streaks and ensure a shiny finish.

Quartz is stain resistant, but not stain proof. If you do not wipe up staining agents, such as fruit juices, tea, coffee or wine, it could settle in. To remove stubborn stains, use a paste of baking soda and water and rub in with a soft cloth. Use a plastic putty knife to gently scrape dried up food particles, gum, nail polish, grease or paint that have stuck to the surface of your quartz worktop. A used credit card will also do the trick.

Your quartz worktops are heat resistant, but not heat proof. To maintain their beauty, never place hot items directly on the surface. Also, do not place heat-generating appliances directly on the surface; such as crock-pots or indoor grills. Instead, use a trivet or potholder to keep heat from affecting your worktop's shine. Excessive heat can lead to thermal shock; which can cause deep cracks in the surface of the quartz.

Quartz is one of the hardest materials in nature. That's why your new quartz worktop will not easily scratch or chip. We do, however, recommend the use of a cutting board to protect the surface and avoid dulling your knives.


Compac Quartz

Compac Quartz Unique CalacattaUnique Calacatta  Compac Quartz Unique MarquinaUnique Marquina 
Compac Quartz Unique VenatinoUnique Venatino  Compac Quartz Unique ArabescatoUnique Arabescato 
Compac Quartz Unique ArgentoUnique Argento  Compac Quartz Ice WhiteIce White 
Compac Quartz Ice BlackIce Black  Compac Quartz Zement IceZement Ice 
Compac Quartz White AMAWhite AMA  Compac Quartz Brown AMABrown AMA 
Compac Quartz Black AMABlack AMA  Compac Quartz Absolute BlancAbsolute Blanc 
Compac Quartz Carrara Carrara   Compac Quartz BotticinoBotticino 
Compac Quartz GlaciarGlaciar  Compac Quartz Luna Luna  
Compac Quartz MoonMoon  Compac Quartz Snow Snow  
Compac Quartz AlaskaAlaska  Compac Quartz LácteaLáctea 
Compac Quartz VanilleVanille  Compac Quartz ArenaArena 
Compac Quartz MokaMoka  Compac Quartz CenizaCeniza 
Compac Quartz PlomoPlomo  Compac Quartz TitaneoTitaneo 
Compac Quartz Smoke GraySmoke Gray  Compac Quartz NocturnoNocturno 
Compac Quartz AzabacheAzabache  Compac Quartz New PassionNew Passion 


cimstone Quartz

Cimstone Quartz 100 Hierapolis100 Hierapolis  Cimstone Quartz 128 Petra Concrete128 Petra Concrete 
Cimstone Quartz 143 Cortina143 Cortina  Cimstone Quartz 160 Sierra160 Sierra 
Cimstone Quartz 165 Oslo165 Oslo  Cimstone Quartz 328 Nevers328 Nevers 
Cimstone Quartz 332 Lapaz332 Lapaz  Cimstone Quartz 402 Arcadia402 Arcadia 
Cimstone Quartz 465 Hermes465 Hermes  Cimstone Quartz 470 Fuga470 Fuga 
Cimstone Quartz 645 Boreas645 Boreas  Cimstone Quartz 811 Elvas811 Elvas 
Cimstone Quartz 815 Smyrna815 Smyrna  Cimstone Quartz 870 Tundra870 Tundra 
Cimstone Quartz 880 Toros880 Toros  Cimstone Quartz 890 Terra890 Terra 
Cimstone Quartz 900 Lapland900 Lapland  Cimstone Quartz 920 Calacatta Venato920 Calacatta Venato 
Cimstone Quartz 925 Nebula925 Nebula  Cimstone Quartz 930 Ares930 Ares 
Cimstone Quartz 935 Bianco Carrara935 Bianco Carrara  Cimstone Quartz 936 Olympos936 Olympos 
Cimstone Quartz 955 Barents955 Barents 



WhitStone Quartz

WhitStone Quartz Carrara WhitStone Quartz - Carrara 
WhitStone Quartz Calacatta WhitStone Quartz - Calacatta 
WhitStone Quartz Arctic White WhitStone Quartz - Arctic White 
WhitStone Quartz Sahara WhitStone Quartz - Sahara 
WhitStone Quartz Frozen Lake WhitStone Quartz - Frozen Lake 
WhitStone Quartz Midnight Black WhitStone Quartz - Midnight Black 
WhitStone Quartz Orion WhitStone Quartz - Orion 
WhitStone Quartz Pearl Grey WhitStone Quartz - Pearl Grey 
WhitStone Quartz Snowfall WhitStone Quartz - Snowfall 
WhitStone Quartz Supernova WhitStone Quartz - Supernova 
WhitStone Quartz Storm WhitStone Quartz - Storm 
WhitStone Quartz Desert WhitStone Quartz - Desert 
WhitStone Quartz White Sand WhitStone Quartz - White Sand 
WhitStone Quartz Basaltina WhitStone Quartz - Basaltina 
WhitStone Quartz White Savoy WhitStone Quartz - White Savoy 
WhitStone Quartz Grigio Shimmer WhitStone Quartz - Grigio Shimmer 
WhitStone Quartz Bianco Shimmer WhitStone Quartz - Bianco Shimmer 
WhitStone Quartz Colorado WhitStone Quartz - Colorado 
WhitStone Quartz Imperial Grey WhitStone Quartz - Imperial Grey 
WhitStone Quartz Athos Brown WhitStone Quartz - Athos Brown 
WhitStone Quartz Pietra Grey WhitStone Quartz - Pietra Grey 
WhitStone Quartz Ivory White WhitStone Quartz - Ivory White 
WhitStone Quartz Concrete Grey WhitStone Quartz - Concrete Grey 
WhitStone Quartz Calacatta Gold WhitStone Quartz - Calacatta Gold 


Silestone Quartz

Silestone Quartz - Brooklyn - LoftSilestone Quartz - Brooklyn 
Silestone Quartz - Silver Lake - LoftSilestone Quartz - Silver Lake 
Silestone Quartz - Et Bianco Calacatta - Eternal SeriesSilestone Quartz - Et Bianco Calacatta 
Silestone Quartz - Et Emperador - Eternal SeriesSilestone Quartz - Et Emperador 
Silestone Quartz - Et Marfil - Eternal SeriesSilestone Quartz - Et Marfil 
Silestone Quartz - Desert Silver - Eternal SeriesSilestone Quartz - Desert Silver 
Silestone Quartz - Et Calacatta Classic - Eternal SeriesSilestone Quartz - Et Calacatta Classic 
Silestone Quartz - Pearl Jasmine - Eternal SeriesSilestone Quartz - Pearl Jasmine 
Silestone Quartz - Et Marquina - Eternal SeriesSilestone Quartz - Et Marquina 
Silestone Quartz - Et Statuario - Eternal SeriesSilestone Quartz - Et Statuario 
Silestone Quartz - Et Serena - Eternal SeriesSilestone Quartz - Et Serena 
Silestone Quartz - Miami White 17 - Custom SeriesSilestone Quartz - Miami White 17 
Silestone Quartz - Iconic Black - Iconic SeriesSilestone Quartz - Iconic Black 
Silestone Quartz - Negro Stellar - Stellar SeriesSilestone Quartz - Negro Stellar 
Silestone Quartz - Negro Tebas - Mythology SeriesSilestone Quartz - Negro Tebas 
Silestone Quartz - Charcoal Soapstone - Eternal SeriesSilestone Quartz - Charcoal Soapstone 
Silestone Quartz - Arden Blue - Stone SeriesSilestone Quartz - Arden Blue 
Silestone Quartz - Marengo - Basiq SeriesSilestone Quartz - Marengo 
Silestone Quartz - Cemento - Mythology SeriesSilestone Quartz - Cemento 
Silestone Quartz - Ironbark - Basiq SeriesSilestone Quartz - Ironbark 
Silestone Quartz - Gris Expo - Mythology SeriesSilestone Quartz - Gris Expo 
Silestone Quartz - Aluminio Nube - Cielo SeriesSilestone Quartz - Aluminio Nube 
Silestone Quartz - Niebla - Basiq SeriesSilestone Quartz - Niebla 
Silestone Quartz - Kensho - Zen SeriesSilestone Quartz - Kensho 
Silestone Quartz - Merope - Nebula SeriesSilestone Quartz - Merope 
Silestone Quartz - Amazon - Rivers SeriesSilestone Quartz - Amazon 
Silestone Quartz - Unsui - Zen SeriesSilestone Quartz - Unsui 
Silestone Quartz - Noka - Basiq SeriesSilestone Quartz - Noka 
Silestone Quartz - Alpina White - Mountain SeriesSilestone Quartz - Alpina White 
Silestone Quartz - Rougui - Basiq SeriesSilestone Quartz - Rougui 
Silestone Quartz - Coral Clay - Basiq SeriesSilestone Quartz - Coral Clay 
Silestone Quartz - Bamboo - Tropical Forest SeriesSilestone Quartz - Bamboo 
Silestone Quartz - Crema Stellar - Stellar SeriesSilestone Quartz - Crema Stellar 
Silestone Quartz - Blanco City - Basiq SeriesSilestone Quartz - Blanco City 
Silestone Quartz - Tigris Sand - Rivers SeriesSilestone Quartz - Tigris Sand 
Silestone Quartz - Blanco Capri - Stone SeriesSilestone Quartz - Blanco Capri 
Silestone Quartz - Yukon - Rivers SeriesSilestone Quartz - Yukon 
Silestone Quartz - Bianco Rivers - Rivers SeriesSilestone Quartz - Bianco Rivers 
Silestone Quartz - Lagoon - Nebula SeriesSilestone Quartz - Lagoon 
Silestone Quartz - Blanco Orion - Nebula Alpha SeriesSilestone Quartz - Blanco Orion 
Silestone Quartz - Blanco Stellar - Stellar SeriesSilestone Quartz - Blanco Stellar 
Silestone Quartz - Lusso - Influencer seriesSilestone Quartz - Lusso 
Silestone Quartz - Ariel - Nebula Alpha SeriesSilestone Quartz - Ariel 
Silestone Quartz - Blanco Maple - Tropical Forest SeriesSilestone Quartz - Blanco Maple 
Silestone Quartz - Blanco Norte - Mythology SeriesSilestone Quartz - Blanco Norte 
Silestone Quartz - Lyra - Nebula SeriesSilestone Quartz - Lyra 
Silestone Quartz - White Storm - Custom SeriesSilestone Quartz - White Storm 
Silestone Quartz - Snowy Ibiza - Custom SeriesSilestone Quartz - Snowy Ibiza 
Silestone Quartz - Blanco Zeus Extreme - Mythology SeriesSilestone Quartz - Blanco Zeus Extreme 
Silestone Quartz - Iconic White - Iconic SeriesSilestone Quartz - Iconic White 



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