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    Your Kitchen Details:

    Note: We accept .jpg, .png and .pdf files.
    Note: If experience any issues uploading your drawings or plans, please email them separately to

    Note: Please include units e.g. mm

    Worktop Type & Style:

    Note: If you require multiple quotes please add multiple types with a comma between them.
              e.g. International Stone iQ Quartz - Alabaster, Fugen Stone Eternal Quartz
    Note: If you are unsure or open to suggestions some indication of colour or style is needed.

    Worktop Options:

    Note: these are for under mount sinks and can be for single, double or 1.5 sinks.

    Note: these are for over mount sinks and hobs.

    Note: These are generally used for under mount sinks for draining washing up water back into the sink.

    Note: Splashbacks are used behind sinks and cookers.
    Note: Please include their sizes and any details liked curved tops etc e.g. Cooker 600mm x 350mm.

    Note: We will assume a 100mm height if this is left blank.

    Note: Please include their sizes width and depth.

    Note: Most people opt for the Square Polished (Double Bevel) edge profile for a clean look.

    e.g. top floor flat, or no road access.